Thank you for visiting the multi-instrumental MUSIC WORLD of Robin Miller. As a new age musician, and internationally acclaimed performing artist, composer and songwriter based in Sedona, AZ, Robin's mission in playing his music, "is to assist all who hear it to experience a deeper level of love and joy within themselves."  Robin's wide range of instrumentals (guitar, mandolin, bass & percussion) offer both soothing, heavenly melodies and upbeat music. Medical practitioners, message therapists, hypnotherapists, healers, and other body workers use Robin's angelic music to soothe and relax their patients. There is definitely something for everyone to enjoy!

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MOTHER EARTH mp3 FREE download

MOTHER EARTH mp3 FREE download

Celebrating EARTH DAY—FREE mp3 download "MOTHER EARTH"

Monday, April 22nd is Earth Day, I want to share a favorite song of mine, MOTHER EARTH, that I wrote some time ago, but a song who's lyrics hold true to this day ~ if not more. I hope you enjoy it! —Robin


Lyrics — MOTHER EARTH by Robin Miller ©Millsong Music Publishing

Feel her raindrops falling on our face, they fall for you and me 
Bearing all the pain of every race, and still she waits patiently 
Mother Earth I want to see your skies - 
Mother Earth I long to dry your eyes - 
Mother Earth when will we realize, 
Our life is in your keep, Mother don’t weep anymore 

See the blackness come upon your shores, the air’s not fit to breathe 
Hate and greed have cut you to the core, this web we’ve chose to weave 
Mother Earth you know I feel your pain - 
Mother Earth forgive us for our shame - 
Mother Earth when will we learn again, 
Our life is in your keep, Mother don’t weep anymore 

After all of the progress we’ve made we still don’t understand, 
In your love and your tender care you hold us in your hand. 
It’s time to be aware of what you are, the home beneath our feet 
And once again you’ll be a shining star, through love you’ll be complete 
Mother Earth you’ll sing a happy song - 
Mother Earth mankind will sing along - 
Mother Earth your light will shine upon, 
Our life - That’s in your keep, Mother, you won’t weep, anymore.

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EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT through Dec 18th — Robin on Piano (Baby Grand) at Sound Bites Grill from 6-9pm. No cover. soothing and upbeat melodies ~ a great way to get over "the hump" in your week! See you there!

EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT through May 30th — Be sure to catch CHILL ON THE HILL with The Millers at Sound Bites Grill from 6-9pm. Robin and his son, Eric, performing acoustic originals and cover hits. Come out and enjoy!

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